Terms and Conditions

  1. MALAYA Balikbayan Box agrees to receive, ship, release from Philippines Bureau of Customs and deliver to whoever in the Philippines the SENDER desires (Door to Door), the latter’s personal effects.
  2. The SENDER is responsible in packing his/her personal effects. MALAYA Balikbayan Box therefore shall in no case be held liable for any breakage, damage or spoilage that may be caused in handling or shipping the same.
  3. The SENDER agrees that in case of loss of said personal effects, MALAYA Balikbayan Box shall be liable only in the sum as may be officially declared by the former said liability, however, shall in no case exceed the amount of 250,- €. Should The value exceed the said amount, SENDER may insure the amount in excess with the Company by packing the premium therefore.
  4. The SENDER shall not send banned or prohibited or regulated drugs, any kind of firearms explosives, ammunition, combustible or inflammable materials. In relation hereof, the SENDER shall accomplish and complete an official declaration of the contains of said personal property. In case the SENDER shall make any mis-declaration and the contents thereof be discovered to the banned or prohibited as mentioned above, MALAYA Balikbayan Box has the right to leave all the SENDER’S personal effects with the Philippine Bureau of Customs and have the same confiscated by the Philippine Government, without incurring any liability against the SENDER, but without prejudice to any case that be filed against the SENDER or his/her Consignee.
  5. MALAYA Balikbayan Box may, at our sole discretion, open and inspect the Balikbayan Box without notice. Governmental authorities may also open and inspect any shipment at any time.
  6. If a dangerous goods or items were discovered inside the Balikbayan Box and damages or contaminates any property, the SENDER of the said box is solely responsible for and will reimburse and indemnify MALAYA Balikbayan box for any and all cost, fees and expenses it incurs in connection with the cleanup of such damage and contamination.
  7. MALAYA Balikbayan Box will not be liable or responsible for loss, damage or delay caused by events we cannot control (Natural Disaster, Strikes, Act of Terrorism, War of Civil Strife, Disruption or Failure of Communication and Information Systems, Criminal Acts of any person or entities.)
  8. The box dimension is 72cm x 45cm x 60cm shall not be extended or de- formed the box due to over packing, otherwise the SENDER may incur additional charges.
  9. In consideration of the service, the SENDER has to pay the amount according to the attached price list. Only fully paid cargo will be delivered to The CONSIGNEE. Failure to pay the required shipping fee on time, additional warehousing fee will be charged.
  10. This agreement shall take effect upon the signing hereof, and shall cease upon fulfilment of the Company’s delivery of the SENDER’s personal effects to the CONSIGNEE.